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enjoy ibiza

We came to the island in 1999 and still enjoy it every time we come here.

We fell in love, got married here, and bought a house.

Enjoying the island every season and feel so lucky we can do this. We like to come here with our kids, friends and family. Enjoy the tranquillity of the island in wintertime, visit the empty beach and make long walks. In summer, we swim a lot and relax with Cava de Sangria at one of the beach restaurants.


We found that the island keeps surprising us.


The island's energy is constantly changing, and we keep changing with it. When we first came, we just partied and experienced nightlife ('that's why the house is called Mariposa de Noche, 'Butterfly of the night', 'Nachtvlinder'.) With small children, we enjoy the beaches, and as we get older, our spiritual interest comes free here. Many people ask which beaches they like and where they should eat.


We made this ‘Enjoy Ibiza’ due to our years of enjoying and exploring the island.

We hope that you will have the same great holidays as we do!

Jordi & Joanne

enjoy ibiza

We post beautiful pictures of the island so that you can enjoy Ibiza, also when you are not there. And we have more personal tips on our social.

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