We came to the island in 1999 and still enjoy it every time we come here. We fell in love here, got married, had children and bought a house. Now we are enjoying the island every season and feel so lucky we can do this. We like to come here with friends and family. We found that coming here so long, the island keeps surprising us. The energy of the island is amazing and we keep changing with it. When we first came we just partied and totally experienced the nightlife. With small children, we are enjoying the beaches and as we are getting older our spiritual interest comes free here. Many people ask which beaches we like and where they should eat. What is good for partying and where we buy the kaftans for the girls. This ‘Enjoy Ibiza’ is a result of our years of coming to Ibiza. We hope that you will have the same great holiday as we do!

Un abrazo 
Jordi & Joanne